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Want to know how this peach pie…

…turned into this peach pie cobbler?

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Pease Pudding


I remember making melting moments or Viennese biscuits as a young apprentice, back in the day when they used to make us pipe the mixture into fancy shaped biscuits rather than roll and slice. I was a skinny 17 year old with muscles like ‘knots on cotton’ a piping bag the size of my arm and not a hope in hell of pushing that dough out of the end. I had a love hate relationship with these biscuits, loved to eat them but just couldn’t pipe them to the amusement of everyone else in the kitchen. How sensible I thought, arriving in NZ and finding these pretty biscuits made from the same dough but rolled, sliced and a nice pattern pressed with a fork instead.

The traditional recipe has been tweaked after reading Lucy’s post over at Kitchen Maid who is hosting We Should Cocoa event in June, founded by

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I must bake these!

Pease Pudding


Cold winter days call for pots of tea and ‘dunky biscuits’, the iconic British tradition of dipping ones biscuit into your tea! It’s a fine art, dunking it long enough to warm the biscuit through but not so long that it plops off into your cup causing a unattractive floating sludge….. I’m speaking from experience. Perhaps for those unfamiliar with dunking, it may seems a little ‘crass’ but it’s an old tradition that I imagine came from the need to dunk when biscuits were very dry and hard and now we refuse to let the tradition go. The best biscuits to dunk, for me, are the Gingernut which are crisp or the Rich Tea biscuit that is plain but needs a little more skill in the dunk. Believe it or not, there are dunking competitions in Britain…we are a little eccentric aren’t we?

So what food traditions do you have…

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This looks delicious!

Pease Pudding


I have been following Raymund’s blog Ang Sarap for a few years now and watched his blog change and grow over the years. Raymund is originally from the Philippines, the name of is blog means ‘delicious’ in Tagalog and the dishes he creates and shares with us certainly are delicious. We have a lot in common, he is a fellow Auckland blogger but we both bring our homeland food and culture to our blogs and sometimes we both feature our spouses recipes too! We have both developed a passion for food photography which is evident when you look at the then and now on our blogs.

Raymund thought it would be good if we could share a traditional dish, he knows I am a big dessert girl, although I have been know to do more savoury dishes these days so I decide to make and share a Bakewell cake which…

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Grillad squash med fetaost!

Antal portioner: 4

2 st squash, skivade på längden 
1.5 dl jungfruolja 
1 st citron, saften av 
1 tsk chiliflakes 
Svartpeppar, nymald 
2 st salladslökar, tunt skivade till garnering 
2 msk honung, flytande 
150 g fetaost, skivad eller smulad 
Koriander eller grönmynta till garnering 

Gör så här

1. Vispa ihop olja och citron och krydda med chiliflakes, salt och svartpeppar.

2. Skär squashen på längden och fukta med citron- och oljeblandningen.

3. Låt kol brinna ner till en askgrå glödbädd.

4. Stäm av värmen, som ska vara medelstark.

5. Grilla skivorna över direkt glödvärme.

6. Beräkna 3-4 minuter på varje sida.

7. Lägg sedan tillbaka all grillad squash i citron- och oljeblandningen, ringla över honung.