…well. Were should I begin?

Alright then…

I’m a 18 years old girl that lives in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden for you who don’t know) with my parents and my gorgeous and lovely little sister. 

I love animals, therefor I have two guinea-pigs called Saga and Yasmin. Petita, (from the french word ”petite” because I thought she looked tiny and small when I got her), died this summer but got 8years old and was my truly sunshine.

I also got a cat called ”Findus”. You probably have seen pictures of him already. 

I love music. Music is like…my air that I breath all day and all night long. Without it, well…I’m dead! It’s true. I have played the piano since I were 8 and sung gospel since I were about 12 years old. So, like I told you, I absolutely adore music. It’s my biggest passion. 

My second passion is food. It’s not so surprising cause my dad is from France and loves food and cooking. In my family we eat a lot, but we also eat healthy and nourishing food. Or, try to. Some dessert for the weekend is not wrong, right? 

My third passion is animals. I loooove animals! All kind of animals, big, small, insects, fishes, birds, pets…they are all fascinating! Don’t you agree?  

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Now I hope you all know a bit of me cause it’s time to spend some time reading, hope you’ll enjoy my blog!