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I was on holiday in Dorset countryside last week.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t really take many photos as we had rainy and dull weather for most of our holiday. Here are some photos of Thomas Hardy’s Cottage, Arne natural reserve and Portland Bill – all of which we enjoyed. I really loved the heathland at Arne, with it’s bright, blooming heather carpet, it was absolutely dreamy. Every plant was deep shiny green and looked very healthy (maybe rain drops made the atmosphere as well).  I saw big dragonflies and lots of wild deer.  Deer are familiar to me because there is a big deer park in my home town where I grew up in Japan.  There, they hang around in the park (plus even outside the park) and steal picnic lunches from human hands like cheeky seagulls in Brighton!  But the deer in Arne haven’t forgotten the survival fear and caution…

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