Pease Pudding


We love pulses and grains in our house and not because we are trendy, hippy or health freaks, as you will gather from all the cake recipes on my blog. Although I have been know to pass through all those phase at on point in time! We eat pulses because they are a great vessel for flavours and bring new texture to dishes. We often swap a spicy lentil braise for spuds and there is nothing more satisfiying than a bean and sausage casserole bubbling away on a winter’s evening but as the saying goes ”you can take the lass out of Liverpool but not the Liverpool out of the lass” and therefore I will always crave a ‘chip butty’ with lashings of butter and fluffy white bread now and don’t forget the side of mushy peas. There are a lot of quinoa burger recipes out there but I doubt…

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