Summer poem

Green grass,
Warm Sun,
Kids about,
Having fun.

Water flows,
Rivers rage,
Love abounds,
For every age.

And barbeques,
Have a dog,
Or maybe two.

At last has come
Holding hands
With number one.

Singing birds,
Gracious charms,
Mowing lawn,
Sunburned arms.

Sun is set,
Stars to rise,
Fire glistens,
In your eyes.

Cuddle up,
On the beach,
Driftwood fires,
Kiss on cheek.

Watch the tide, 
Crashing down, 
Enjoy the love, 
I have found. 

Marry me, 
In the sand, 
Be with me, 
At the park, 
Marry me, 
Beneath the stars 
Be with me, 
In my heart. 




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