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Tito and I went north again last night – in hopes of aurora hunting after sunspot AR 1520 delivered a massive X-class flare directly to earth.

Aurora 400

We’re getting quite adept at finding these things 😉 We got our best shots not 1.5 hours from downtown Toronto – just outside of Barrie, south of Mt. St. Louis Moonstone.

Aurora Toronto

We cursed every time a car or truck passed us on the highway, but to our delight when processing these turned out to be the best shots!

aurora borealis

I apologize for the image-heavy post – there were so many winners it was very hard to pare it down to a few favourites.

Northern Lights Toronto

We call this the ‘light saber’ shot 😉

northern lights highway Toronto

This was one of Tito’s favourites. Incidentally we’re blogging together this morning!

dramatic night highway

We couldn’t believe how bright they were. Waving and flickering were visible to the naked eye, even from a busy highway.

night photography epic northern lights


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