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A few weeks ago, while I was perusing Pinterest, I came across a link for a Summer Activity Jar.  The idea is to fill the jar with fun things to do.  Each morning your child picks one piece of paper and whatever is written on it will be the activity of the day.  Holy Spontaneity! I loved this idea, so of course I stole it.

I decided to use popsicle/craft sticks instead. Most likely because for some strange reason we have a surplus of them in the house?! Oh, and I jazzed up the jar with some pinkness because my five year old’s happiness depends on being surrounded by PINK at all times.

Today she picked ‘Photo Walk’ and I was just as excited about the winning activity as she was.  Since before the baby arrived, I’ve been using my real camera far less than I used to.  In my defense, the arrival of my

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