Past week was extremely demanding (emotionally & physically) and as we approach the weekend – this light and colorful recipe comes as a  much welcomed relief .

I just love how sunny this dish looks. It is light in flavor yet quiet filling.  The corn salsa just takes the pancakes to a different level, the combination of flavors are very satisfactory.

I am a big fan of cornmeal, specially when its used under a bread or pizza….I just love the texture it gives to the bread. This recipe however uses it in a completely different way. I softened the cornmeal by soaking it in some warm water – it also tones down on its texture a little bit.

When I made this recipe for the first time (to test it) I had used eggs in the batter and didn’t quiet like the whole egg-ish flavor when I ate them the second day, also since I had used the cornmeal without…

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