Pease Pudding


I remember making melting moments or Viennese biscuits as a young apprentice, back in the day when they used to make us pipe the mixture into fancy shaped biscuits rather than roll and slice. I was a skinny 17 year old with muscles like ‘knots on cotton’ a piping bag the size of my arm and not a hope in hell of pushing that dough out of the end. I had a love hate relationship with these biscuits, loved to eat them but just couldn’t pipe them to the amusement of everyone else in the kitchen. How sensible I thought, arriving in NZ and finding these pretty biscuits made from the same dough but rolled, sliced and a nice pattern pressed with a fork instead.

The traditional recipe has been tweaked after reading Lucy’s post over at Kitchen Maid who is hosting We Should Cocoa event in June, founded by

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