I must bake these!

Pease Pudding


Cold winter days call for pots of tea and ‘dunky biscuits’, the iconic British tradition of dipping ones biscuit into your tea! It’s a fine art, dunking it long enough to warm the biscuit through but not so long that it plops off into your cup causing a unattractive floating sludge….. I’m speaking from experience. Perhaps for those unfamiliar with dunking, it may seems a little ‘crass’ but it’s an old tradition that I imagine came from the need to dunk when biscuits were very dry and hard and now we refuse to let the tradition go. The best biscuits to dunk, for me, are the Gingernut which are crisp or the Rich Tea biscuit that is plain but needs a little more skill in the dunk. Believe it or not, there are dunking competitions in Britain…we are a little eccentric aren’t we?

So what food traditions do you have…

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